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Re: A trip down memory lane...

Paul L Taylor wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 PLT> Why, well a local (lapsed) amateur designed a z64180 based
 PLT> x25 4 x 64kbs router  for the travel industry some time back
 PLT> and has now regained his licence and  released some boards
 PLT> for local amateurs to play with..the code will be a good
 PLT> starting point..he has shoved kiss on the board and seems to
 PLT> work but there is plenty of space for a good router code
 PLT> based on NET. And since the net cost  is a little software
 PLT> work...I'm currently working on a cross-assembler
 PLT> /disassembler for it on my home SPARC system...no INTEL = no
 PLT> worries ;-)

I beieve the Hi-Tech C compiler is now freeware for CP/M-80 targets, and
includes source code.  I've posted it on the N1BEE BBS, +1 401 944 8498, and
will try and put it up for FTP when I have the chance.  It is in little chunks
and in LZH so it can be decompressed under CP/M itself.

README.HTC      2K  1-15-95+ Hi-Tech C compiler: Freeware cross-platform ANSI C
                             compiler with source code
Z80DOC.LZH     96K  1-15-95+ Hi-Tech C compiler: Documentation
Z80V309.LZH   198K  1-15-95+ Hi-Tech C compiler: Compiler component, freeware
                             for CP/M-80 version
LIBSRC.LZH     81K  1-15-95+ Hi-Tech C compiler: Library source code

-- Mike

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