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Kevin Mitnick, N6NHG

Yes, this is the one-and-the-same Internet Cracker who allegedly stole 20,000
credit card numbers from Netcom, cracked the WELL, and got security expert
Tsutomu Shimomura ticked (which was his downfall).  The feds grabbed Mitnick
in Raleigh on 15 Feb 95.

Call-Sign: N6NHG                    Class: GENERAL
Real Name: KEVIN D MITNICK          Birthday: AUG 6, 1963
Mailing Address: 14744 LEADWELL ST, VAN NUYS, CA  91405
Valid From: DEC 12, 1989            To: DEC 12, 1999

I think this disproves once and for all Wayne Green's assertion that all
whackos have extra class licenses!  (Now, of course, since he has a General
ticket, he had to do 13 wpm CW, so maybe that's the reason....)

-Mike K3MC

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