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Re: Gracilis card question

"Barry McLarnon" <barry@dgbt.doc.ca> wrote:
Has anyone spotted a gracilis recently?

I have spotted a Gracilis PackeTen, and in fact, a group here is ready to
purchase more P10s.  However, I have not spotted or heard from any Gracilis
employees.  No response to e-mail to info@gracilis or messages left on the
(708)801-8800 answering machine.  Haven't yet tried the fax machine at

On a related topic, Cisco router products sound a lot like Gracilis products.
The AccessPro PC card is priced around $800 for the hardware, and $2000 for
the software.  It includes synchronous serial ports.  The info at
http://cio.cisco.com/warp/public/563/8.html looks good.

I don't suppose Cisco software is useable on amateur radio, since AX.25 is
not used.  Has anyone looked into the possibility of using KA9Q-derived
software with Cisco hardware?  I don't think Cisco would give out enough
hardware information for the task to be doable, but I just thought I'd
mention it in.

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