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Re: Sprint-2

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, David Rush wrote:

> I bought a Sprint-2 a while ago.  It took a while before I got around to
> wiring things up but I recently did.  After the wires were all in the
> right place (including to my TEKK KS-900), I sat down in my shack and
> starting looking for how to tune things up.  After a short while of thumbing
> thru the book, I looked up and saw packets on the screen.  I issued a
> connect, and it worked fine, first time!
> Score 1 for PacComm (and TEKK) in the "plug-n-play" category.

My experience, also. I have gotten 5 so far, and they ALL "plug-n-play".

I admitedly am a little partial to PacComm, being a Tampa company and a
former employer, but they have done an exceptional job with the Spirit-2
(formerly the Sprint-2)

Brian A. Lantz                              brian@lantz.com

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