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>Here's a timely topic:  the PacComm SPRINT-2 packet controller.  Just
>received one yesterday, for a local group.  It is TNC2-compatible, and via
>jumper settings can be set to terminal and modem/radio speeds of 9600bps and
>38400bps.  This is the SPRINT-2 NODE.  The SPRINT-2 BACKBONE model comes with
>primary and secondary filters set to 38400bps and 57600bps, as opposed to the
>9600/38400 filters in the NODE model.

I bought a Sprint-2 a while ago.  It took a while before I got around to
wiring things up but I recently did.  After the wires were all in the
right place (including to my TEKK KS-900), I sat down in my shack and
starting looking for how to tune things up.  After a short while of thumbing
thru the book, I looked up and saw packets on the screen.  I issued a
connect, and it worked fine, first time!

Score 1 for PacComm (and TEKK) in the "plug-n-play" category.

David, N0OXH, rush@erg.sri.com

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