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I have uploaded the release of AX25.028. This is the kernel AX.25 stack
for Linux 1.1.92 and higher. The new release cleans up the mess in 027 and
adds a few new features including multi-callsign support and uid/callsign
mapping for processes on a multiuser system. An new user utility
axassociate is included.

There is a newer PI2 driver available from hydra.carleton.ca which I've not
yet tested to integrate. An SCC card driver is available on ftp.ucsd.edu.

        A pre-release accidentally got mirrored onto ftp.linux.org.uk. If
you have an AX25.028 release before about 10am Tuesday (*) check that it
contains a full utilities tar and the kernel code the PI driver. If not
don't use them!


(*) GMT of course 8)


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