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>Gary Crum was talking:
>>Has anyone spotted a gracilis recently?

>I finally remembered who my contact was. N4PCR, and I just tried a ping with
>no response, so still no closer eh?

I shouldnt speak for Don N4PCR, as I have no affiliation with Gracillis,
but know him thru the local packet club (CAPRA), and thought I would respond
to sqaush any nasty Gracillis rumors.

You won't be able to ping n4pcr.ampr.org. right now. His home station is
down due to moving to a different qth and he hasn't had time to erect a
tower yet.

As for Gracillis, they are alive and kicking. It is a small company, and
N4PCR has been traveling a lot lately. I'm confident your email will be
answered in due time.

As for Packettens and Packettwins, Capra currently has many of them in use
throughout the Chicago packet network, and have had good luck with them.
73 Dave
N9HKM        Rockford, Illinois, USA

Internet         - dme@ingersoll.com
Ma-Bell          - (815)-987-6081
Packet ax25 mail - n9hkm@n9hkm.#ncil.il.usa.noam

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