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Re: KISS Mode DATA from TNC to PC

On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, George Oakes - Honolulu PEACESAT Communication Sp wrote:

> Does anyone know of a FAQ or something similiar that breaks down what is
> comming out of the TNC (it streams or frames or whatever) in KISS mode
> that is comming from and leaving the PC?

The original KISS spec can be found on ftp.ucsd.edu in the
hamradio/packet/arrlcnc/1987 directory as kisstnc.ms.Z.  You'll need to
retrieve it as a binary file, then uncompress it and run it through either
nroff or troff.  Easiest way to do it is on a UNIX system.  Ie:

uncompress kisstnc.ms.Z

followed by

troff -t -ms kisstnc.ms | lpr -t   (if you want to print it)


nroff -ms kisstnc.ms   (if you want to display just the text)

Antonio Querubin
tony@mpg.phys.hawaii.edu / ah6bw@uhm.ampr.org

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