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Re: Gracilis card question

> I don't suppose Cisco software is useable on amateur radio, since AX.25 is
> not used.  Has anyone looked into the possibility of using KA9Q-derived
> software with Cisco hardware?

Yeah, a new encapsulation could be added similar to the existing X.25 code,
but it's a ton of work.  The base OS that cisco uses has conventions that
are completely different from that of NOS internals.

> I don't think Cisco would give out enough
> hardware information for the task to be doable, but I just thought I'd
> mention it in.

Nope, not gonna happen unless a bunch of Ham's at cisco get the energy to
hack in AX.25 support.  In 3.5 years, I haven't had the desire to do it.
486 PC's are dirt cheap. :-)

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