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Hi there.  To answer your program, you have to do a "attach KISS" to the
second port, then configure it as a seperate port:

Here is an example of what it looks like:

attach asy 0x2f8 3 ax25 vhf 8192 1416 19200
attach kiss vhf 1 uhf 944
#             Note:   ^^^ do to an internal kiss limitation of the
#kpc-9612 it limits the maximum packet size of a kiss frame to aprox. 1K,
#therefor you have to set the mtu to less than that, less the frame data,
#less the tcp/ip overhead.
ifconfig uhf ipaddr netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast []
ifconfig vhf ipaddr netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast []
param vhf 1 35
param vhf 2 110
param vhf 3 10
param vhf 4 5
param vhf 5 0
param uhf 1 5
param uhf 2 110
param uhf 3 15
param uhf 4 1
param uhf 5 0
param vhf dtr 1
param vhf rts 1

Also, in case anybody is interested, Kantronics has a new optional eprom,
called "KNET" coming for the kpc-9612 that will allow you to use the
kpc-9612 as a tnc, and a BPQ node at the same time.  This may be interesting?


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