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jnos 1.10h vs tnos 1.11

on brian's suggestion can anyone comment on what i asked before
thanks in advance for any assistance.

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, Mramsay wrote:

lb> i don't want sound stupid but what is the differents
lb> between tnos 1.11 and jnos 1.10h
lb> i was about to download it when i said to myself
lb> if i have jnos 1.10h working what would be the advantage
lb> for tnos1.11
lb> i am not being smart just don't know if it can help
lb> 73
lb> va3mjr
lb> michram.mail.net!mramsay

In a small nutshell (short on time), stability, more usable memory, MANY
additional servers, more friendly BBS commands, support for color, etc.

You would probably get a better, less biases answer asking this question
on the nos-bbs or tcp-group mailing lists. There are many TNOS converts
there that can probably give a better idea to the vast internal differences.
why can'y these thinpps cume withe spell checkersxzs when they due
i'll bi them all ups

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