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using Kantronics KPC-9612 at 9600bps

Help -- I got a lot of good, correct responses to my previous query, so I hope
you all don't mind another.

I am connecting a Kantronics KPC-9612 TNC to a Kenwood TM-733A radio, for
9600bps packet operation.  The problem seems to be that the transmitted signal
is distorted, and barely recognized as a carrier signal by other stations on
the 431.75MHz G3RUH-type 9600bps packet network here in Salt Lake.

This setup receives data just fine, it is just the transmit signal that is
bad.  I have tried adjusting deviation and changing jumper settings according
to the manual, and have contacted Kantronics once.  Kantronics so far gave me
a fax showing cable wiring for the KPC-9612 to TM-733A specifically.

Maybe it is just a defective KPC-9612, since Kantronics seems to think that
this TNC+radio combination should work.  I thought I'd send out a message here
to see if anyone else has experience with the KPC-9612 at 9600bps, or perhaps
even with the TM-733A specifically.  The next step would be to send back the
KPC-9612 for repair, I think.

One more piece of information:  Before connecting the KPC-9612 to the TM-733A,
I tried connecting the KPC-9612 to a Radio Shack HTX-404 70cm radio as I
mentioned in my previous message.  That KPC-9612/HTX-404 combination also
receives data fine, and in fact transmitted data works for small packets, but
not large ones.

Thanks for any info,
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