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Second 2400 MHz NPRM

If you haven't been keeping up with the 2400 MHz debacle, FCC has
released a 150 kilobyte document containing the Report and Order and a
Second Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding coordination between
Amateurs and our old and new noisy neighbors, the Part 15 and Data PCS
operations on 2390-2417 MHz. You can find this document using FTP or
WWW to fcc.gov .  Its name is
Orders/Engineering_Technology/oret5003.txt, and the WordPerfect version
(which you should use if you can, because it preserves footnotes and
charts that were botched in the .txt file) is called oret5003.wp .

There are lots of concerns you might have regarding living with our
neighbors on 2390-2417. This latest NPRM asks them if there are any
kinds of Amateur operations on the band that they would like to have
restricted. It asks us about restricting their operations as well. It
states that FCC sees no need for formal coordination, and asks if
that's appropriate. Since there are going to be wireless digital
telephones in the band, is Congress going to ignore the issue of
encryption and amend the ECPA to prohibit receivers that could
eavesdrop on them, the way they have done with 49 MHz and 800 MHz? That
would make it difficult for Amateurs to get equipment for 2390-2417.
Also, how do we identify an interfering transmitter when it's
encrypted, and how do we get them to coordinate with us when we're
being interfered with?

I will be filing a comment for Northern California Packet Association,
in cooperation with ARRL through its Pacific Division leadership. This
has to go in the mail by early Friday. If you've got anything you'd
like me to mention in my comment, please e-mail it to me ASAP. Other
good things you can do are to write your own comment, and to contact
your ARRL director with your concerns.

        Many Thanks

        Bruce Perens AB6YM
        Board Member, Northern California Packet Association
Bruce Perens AB6YM 510-215-3502 Bruce@Pixar.com

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