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ka9q for unix

Could you please help me in following problem.
I'll try to describe from basics.
Some time ago I used ka9q on a pc ( actually it was jnos port ). This pc
had an ethernet card, and was connected to internet. The ka9q gave me a
multitasking `shell' for multi-telnet and ftp sessions. I could simply
switch from one telnet session to another. Of course, between hardware
( ethernet card ) and ka9q programm itself there was a packed driver
installed and attached in ka9q.
Here comes my idea. Currently I don't use pc, and I, quite often, work
from home via modem on an unix ( IBM RS/6000, AIX ) machine. My problem -
I can have only one pure telnet connection to this AIX. So I cannot have
multiply `sessions'. I started to think whether it would be possible to :
        - first make telnet to AIX ( I mean, I connect to some kind of a
          terminal server placed here in my Institute, and this terminal
          server alows only one ttelnet session ).
        - then I start ka9q, or actually maybe wampes, as it is prepared
          for unix.
        - then from inside this ka9q ( wampes ) I can again have
          multiply telnet sessions - this would be great.
I downloaded the wampes-941204.tar.gz. I have no root provilages on AIX,
and I cannot place wampes from /tcp... /usr..., so I patched all
Makefiles in a way that they install it in my private subdirectories. I
have got it compiled, and I can even start it. The real problem comes
now. On a pc I attached an interface ( either `packet', or `slip', ... ),
but how can I do this here on unix, when I have no root privilages, and
the fddi/ethernet interfaces are managed by the operating system itself.
I can attach ipip ( via `udp', no `ip' is allowed ), but what then ?
Is there a `driver' which translates ipip to unix actions ?
Possibly, what I want to have cannot be done with with ka9q. In this
case, if someone knows the solution for multi-telnet sessions, could the
one, please, direct me.
I am not a member of your group, so could you please write directly to
me `holeczek@clri6a.gsi.de'.
Thanks in advance,


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