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Some of you may have received 'unsubscribe' and later 'subscribe'
messages for the tcp-group or tcp-digest mailing lists.  These were the
result of a series of problems here at UCSD with the mail handler.

In more detail, what happened was this:  at the beginning of the month,
I sent out a series of individually-addressed test messages to each
subscriber of each mailing list we host here.  Because of a
misconfiguration, those messages which were not immediately deliverable
were queued, and instead of being retried at the normal hourly
intervals, instead mostly sat ignored in the queue for more than a week.

This morning, when I discovered the delayed messages, I forced them to
be retried, along with hundreds of other pieces of mail that also hadn't
been delivered during this time.

Unfortunately, because they were older than the 7 days we retry
messages, if they could not be delivered immediately in that queue run,
they were bounced back to the listserv processor which proceeded to
unsubscribe the addressee.

I've extracted the unsub'd addresses from the log, and resubscribed
everyone, and I've taken steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion.
        - Brian

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