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        I have a slip connection to the internet as 155.148.x.x and I
want to make it usable by some hams with NOS. The slip connection is made
with jnos110i running in a window of windows. It has the basic ip address k5di-11 and a ifconfig phone ipaddress for the slip
connection. I have encap turned on in this nos.

        I have another nos jnos110i running in another window that is
just for ham radio. It's ip number is k5di-9 and I have the
setup things. Since both nos are using my BPQ Switch they both talk to
each other over a internal kiss port I call ax0. Encap is turned on in
this nos too.

        I can ping ucsd.edu on the slip connected nos just fine. When I
use the other nos I can trace packets going to ucsd.edu but they have a
return address that ucsd.edu cannot resolve. I need to encap inside the true internet ip number 155.148.x.x

        Of course I can ifconf encap on both nos and write a route add encap 155.148.x.x but can't find the one setup that works!

        So please, will a expert please tell me how to use encap. Trial
and error is not working and the info in all my nos manuals on encap are
less than complete or just plain bad!

73, de karl k5di forever, I hope

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