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Re: help with LAN<->Pkt radio

> Has anyone got any advise on how I should procede.
> I have a machine set up on my LAN running KA9q.  This machine also runs a
> TNC of the baycom variety.  My problem is that I cannot get off the LAN and
> onto the PKT radio network.  When running trace en0 211 on the KA9q box it
> appears to be unable to send a reply to the ARP request of my LAN machine
> (which is trying to reach a PKT radio IP address)  What am I doing wrong?  I
> will post replies if there is any interest
I'm assuming that your network looks something like this;<----LAN---><----radio---> (and everyone else!)
LAN mach            ka9q                destination

Now, what is the LAN machine ARPing for? The ka9q system or the destination.
If your getting ARPs for (in the example) then you have a routing
table problem in the LAN machine. The routing table for the LAN machine
should be something like; eth0
  default eth0
So everyting goes to the ka9q system, and we get that via the ethernet

You may have problems with return traffic ( may arp for to
reply).  Most people kludge it by making the ka9q system proxy arp for the
LAN machine. Ugly but it works.

  - Craig vk2xlz

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