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help with LAN<->Pkt radio

Has anyone got any advise on how I should procede.

I have a machine set up on my LAN running KA9q.  This machine also runs a
TNC of the baycom variety.  My problem is that I cannot get off the LAN and
onto the PKT radio network.  When running trace en0 211 on the KA9q box it
appears to be unable to send a reply to the ARP request of my LAN machine
(which is trying to reach a PKT radio IP address)  What am I doing wrong?  I
will post replies if there is any interest


LAN MACHINE< ---------->KA9Q machine<--------->PKT RADIO NETWORK
Chris Robertson
US Army Exchange Officer
Australian Army School of Signals
011-61-3-450-7703  EMAIL robertsc@dstos3.dsto.gov.au

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