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jnos slip phone script

        This is a script now in use with jnos 1.10i that connects to my
work Cisco router and the internet.

----------------------------------cut here -------------------------
control down
wait 2000
control up
speed 19200
send "atZ\r"
wait 1000
send "atdt678-7001\r"
wait 45000 "CONNECT"
wait 2000
failmode on
send "\r"
wait 5000 "name"
iffail begin
   send "\r"
   wait 5000 "name"
wait 1000
send "klarsen\r"
wait 5000 "assword"
wait 1000
send "yourpassword\r"
wait 20000 "arl"
wait 1000
send "slip\r"
wait 30000 "155"
wait 10000

------------------------------cut here ----------------------

        This works fine but you must do your own slip connection first by
hand and write down all the questions the computer asks, so you can "key"
jnos to respond with your answer. Have fun!

-karl k5di

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