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Re: reasons for new Winsock TCP/IP implementation, and Winsock with TNC with ETHRAX25

From: Gary Crum <crum@n.kb7eec.ampr.org>
> Here are a couple reasons to build a new Winsock implementation based on NOS:
> 1. Trumpet Winsock is shareware, not free.  Does anyone know of an
> officially free Winsock?

NOS is not completely free. Phil GPL-ed the AX.25 portion, but
still requires a modest royalty for the other parts if they are to be
used for commercial purposes. Also, NOS's implementation isn't really
what you want for kernel code (because of the assumptions it makes
about NOS's scheduler). You might do better to start with the
entirely-GPL-ed TCP/IP implementation from Linux.


        Bruce Perens AB6YM

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