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PacComm CoaxLan<>Computer

A group of hams in this area have about a 250 miles backbone up
with 1200 baud user ports at different locations along it.  We
are for the most part using PacComm's Sprint 2s for the 9600
baud and Tiny 2s for the 1200 baud user ports, with Mot Mitreks
for both UHF (9600 baud) and VHF (1200 baud).  Several of the
node stack sites use PacComm's CoaxLans to interconnect the
TNCs, which seem to work extreamly well with port speeds of
34,400 baud.  The Sprint 2 TNCs have a built-in CoaxLan and the
Tiny 2 TNCs use a CoaxLan hooked to the TTL port.  All the sites
along the backbone are using X1J4 which routes the tcpip
traffic though the L2 with the X1J4 firmware handling the
routing.   This seems to work great with one of the sites
connecting Wisconsin to Michigan accoss Lake Michigan.  The
best part, the equipment is cheap.

Here's the question I have for the Group.  We would like to
hook a NOS based computer to one of the sites that's located in
the equipment room of a tall building down town.  When using
the CoaxLans the TNC's serial port can not be used.  Because
how well and cheap this all works someone out there must have
came up with a a way to hook a CoaxLan to a serial port on a computer.
It does look like it can be done, but no use in redoing the wheel
if some else has done this.  Yes we have talked with PacComm
and they don't have anything to do this.  Has anyone out there
done this?

I'm one of those lurkers that get the list in the digested form
so if you would, answer here on the list, or if this is the
wrong place to ask this question, point me to the right one.  I
might add, if anyone has a question on MODing the Mot Mitreks
to work for 9600+ baud, Steve McDonough KE9LZ is writing a MOD
sheet for our Group.  Steve can be reached at ke9lz@netnet.net

TNX & 73, Ron

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