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Re: AMI S20043?

In article <m0rzcBZ-000HBTC@ns.crynwr.com>, you write:
> Has anyone looked at the AMI S20043 Spread Spectrum Transceiver?  It
> interfaces to a generic microprocessor bus for programming and data
> transfer, and to an IF modulator/demodulator and RF radio for the
> transmission medium.  Radios can be built for 100kbps to 4Mbps.  It
> uses <http://www.town.hall.org/Archives/patent/data/05335/05335249>.
> That document has some references to the literature on spread
> spectrum.

The data rate in my data sheets is 100 BPS to 4mps. Its to bad that
we can't use spread spectrum on the lower bands.... they claim a process
gain of 30db at the 2048 chip rate. I've not got my hands on any yet, but
as soon as I clear up a couple projects here I am planning on looking at
the chip... they (AMI) also claim a evaluation board as well. Would like
to hear any results you may have with the chip.


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