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Motorola Radios

Has anyone ever heard of either a Motorola HT440 hand held radio or a
series 9000 vehicle mounted radio can be used for 9600 or 19.2k packet
radio?  I have discovered ready access to these two types of radios, but
I need to act quickly.  If the radios can be used for packet radio, where
can I find the mods?  Thanks for the assistance.

73 de Ron

Ronald D. Hackett              Internet:      r.hackett@ieee.org
The Packet Rat BBS             Packet Radio:  N8NAA@N8NAA.#SAT.TX.USA.NOAM
San Antonio, Texas, USA        AMPRnet:       n8naa@n8naa.ampr.org
Data/Fax:  (210)494-2849       Fidonet:       1:387/340

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