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Internet to MSYS BBS mail gateway service

Here's what is undoubtedly a Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a way to send mail from the Internet to the network of MSYS BBS
systems, and vice-versa?

In my particular area, Utah, I think a couple guys have intended to provide
this service because they run MSYS BBS systems with TCP/IP support, but their
systems are apparently not functional.  kf7ck.ampr.org and wb7esh.ampr.org
are those I heard about.  Maybe I could use a mail gateway in another state
if one exists, and although the route may be circuitous it might at least be

Thanks for any info and pointers to info, and I think I will also post this
query to a USENET group -- rec.radio.amateur.digital.misc, perhaps.  I have
browsed around a few web pages, asked around, and read some printed
literature, without finding a working mail gateway so far.


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