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Re: Policy Traceroute Program needed


> From: Pinchook Ronen <4z4zq@pc.4z7aba.ampr.org>
> I'm looking  for a traceroute program that will show the Atonomous System
> Of the routing  in it .
> The Program can be for Sun Or PC .
> Also looking for traceroute for PC that will show the hostnames of
> the nodes and Not only the IP
> Currently I have such program For PC that shows the IP Only.

Check ftp.ripe.net:pride for software and documentation.
Note that you need a Routing Registry to make this work since there
is no other way to map back from an IP number to an AS announcing it.

I think that it isn't likely that AMPRnet will need policy routing
anytime soon - this stuff is aimed at the Global Internet and probably
doesn't do you any good trying to make it do anything sensible on

73, Geert Jan PE1HZG

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