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        I wish to thank those who responded to my plea for XMS memory
support with nos. Walt KZ1F tried with success to explain in layman terms
what the problems are. I disagree with Walt on the solution however. Here
is my rational.

        DOS is bad. DOS is also the O/S in widest use in the World! I
work for the Army Research Laboratory. We have a large fight over what
O/S to use and I just smile and say to the network people " my engineers
and their help use Windows and MS Office, you get software that will tie
your UNIX to my DOS". And they did! I have software on my 486 in my
office that makes a directory on a Sun UNIX server appear as drive H on
my DOS computer. With File Manager I daily receive and send files all
over the world. And I can ftp and smtp to...

        Another thought. While I agree it will be hard to do, Jean Paul
Roubelat F6FBB has already done it with his packet bbs software and at
this moment I have about 300kbyte of my pbbs system in XMS memory. With
many things, just like nos, you have a config file and in that you say
use XMS? Y. This and a change to my ,pif file for FBB was all it took.

        So I can ask for someone to do this, and others can tell me how
difficult it is, but the facts are that most hams have DOS computers, and
the use of XMS is done now in many DOS applications. If you can do this
then please do! Talking about it doesn't do much good.

73, de karl k5di

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