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> Once again the power of Unix is demonstrated. I continue to be
> underwhelmed by the abilities of Microsoft software.

> DOS is not just bad, DOS is evil. It rots the brain like TV.

Oh please. If you add up all the copies of all the the other 'real'
operating systems in the entire world, you still would only have a small
fraction of the installed base of DOS. Microsoft exists solely because of
DOS. If it were so "underwhelming" there would be no Microsoft or
billionaire Bill Gates.

Karl had an honest request and deserved an honest answer.
The exact same phenomenon I mentioned to Karl regarding those able to write
in the XMS code is true for all the newbie unix-heads or wannabees. How many
of you are waiting for Bruce and Alan to provide you those binaries for you
to run on your all important Linux boxes. Further, you wouldnt be waiting on
Bruce and Alan if it werent for Johan not providing those precious DOS
executable any longer.

So before you start casting aspersions on Karl's request. How many of you
can effect any change in any operating environment? Having a compiler does
not a developer make.

-Walt Corey

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