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axdigi on ucsd

My little program that allows Linux to be a cross-port digipeater is now
on ftp.ucsd.edu in the /hamradio/packet/tcpip/incoming subdirectory.  I
guess it will move to ..../linux eventually.

The program is dead simple to run, it's just
 axdigi &

It works out what ports run ax25, what callsigns to use and then sits there.
At the moment, if you then change the callsign of a port, it won't
realise it.  I can make it look it up the address each time if that is a

It also flips the addresses around ala AXIP so your friend knows where to
send the replies.

It has been tested on my system here, so the packets made it through
an AXIP link between two TNOS/Linux's through a axattach port and then
axdigi across a radio link, through a jnos to a fbb bbs.


  - Craig vk2xlz

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