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     Doug has inspired me.  I have gone and gotten a copy of the 11/28
version of nosnix from sics.se.  I have it up and functioning in a
reasonable fashion on 2 different SYS V machines (Altos 5.2 and Mips
5.3). It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it does ftp and
ping.  I have not tried the telnet yet, and have not had anyone ping
into the machine (yet).  It does seem relatively stable.
     I will be trying to add some of the things that Anders has mentioned
in his work (fingerd, telnetd, ftpd, etc.).  My main goal will be to have
this be a setup and forget kind of operation, with multiple mailbox
connections on the same channel (no problem with multiple processes for the
mailbox).  I have to send Anders a set of patches for the sys5 stuff
that I had to add.
     If there is interest in this I will go ahead and make it available
on thumper.  As you can see from the couple of machines that I have been
using it on, it does not rely on anything out of the ordinary.
             Brad Eacker (beacker@mips.com  KB6FED)

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