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GRI 911229 1.8b eieio DNS buglet?????

I decided to give the new GRI NOS a whirl.  While I was at it, I blew away
the old domain.txt and started from scratch.
All of a sudden, during initialization, every reference to a host failed
with "unknown host" even after I had put in the domain addserver commands.
after it was up, I could do pings to said hosts with no problems.  Next time
I brought GRI up, the hosts I had pung (pinged? panged? Anybody know the
pruperfect subjunctive?) worked jest fine, thank you!  The workaround is
to fill your domain.txt by bringing up Karn Code(tm), then restarting GRI NOS.

OK, is this a bug or a feature?????

73, Kurt

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