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GRI 911229 1.8b eieio DNS buglet?????

In message <9201080054.AA01397@neuron.cs.tamu.edu> you write:
>I decided to give the new GRI NOS a whirl.  While I was at it, I blew away
>the old domain.txt and started from scratch.
>All of a sudden, during initialization, every reference to a host failed
>with "unknown host" even after I had put in the domain addserver commands.
>after it was up, I could do pings to said hosts with no problems.  Next time
>I brought GRI up, the hosts I had pung (pinged? panged? Anybody know the
>pruperfect subjunctive?) worked jest fine, thank you!  The workaround is
>to fill your domain.txt by bringing up Karn Code(tm), then restarting GRI NOS.
>OK, is this a bug or a feature?????

It's probably a feature :-).   Other than the requite TAB chars being a
possible stubling block, I recall an ancient rime:

three empty lines
to add to thy domains
so that they may
grow and prosper

...or was that fields? :-)

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