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nos for os/2

In response to the tremendous demand, I have posted the OS/2 versions
of PA0GRI NOS and a completely new mailer to ucsd.edu in incoming.

These files are the work of Walt Corey, KZ1F @ WA1PHY.#EMA.MA.USA.NA,
waltcy@ids.jvnc.net, and questions should be directed to him.

File OS2NOSV4.ZIP is his release 4 of PA0GRI NOS for OS/2.  Walt's base
is my source for N1BEE 910731v0.60, which is based on Gerard's v1.7e
with some changes relating to RSPF and ARP.  There is an added file in
the ZIP, BUGS.DOC, which Walt asked me to add, making clear that this
release is fairly stable under OS/2 1.3, but has known problems under
the current beta of OS/2 2.0.  The file BUGS.DOS also has instructions
for reporting bugs.

File PMAIL.ZIP is Walt's entirely new mailer for the OS/2 Presentation
Manager, a very promising idea.  Although the OS2NOSV4.ZIP archive does
have Walt's OS/2 port of BM 890421, PMAIL represents a new approach more
consistent with the design philosophy of OS/2.

When using FTP, remember that ucsd.edu is case sensitive on filenames.

-- Mike

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