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NOS & heavy Ethernet traffic

> This is really strange.  Did you try simply increasing the "mem nibufs"
> parameter?  Or "mem ibufsize"?  It is very interesting.  -- Mike

Yes Mike. Increasing the mem variables doesn't help. It is  a hard
test with 'spray', because the "receiver host" hasn't even a chance
to send something else most of the time. And NOS doesn't do more than
to try to read all packets.
The routine in NOS, refiq(), has more chances to refill the ibufs
than other processes and so all memory is occupied by ibufs.
I think that per packet will be a complete ibuf as sized by ibufsize
used. That meens alwayis 2048 bytes per packet. In this case ibufsize
should be extreamly high.
But with my previous sent patch I couldn't any more  crash NOS with
'spray' even with additional activities via telnet and ftp.

vy 73 de Marcel, HB9RWM

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