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Re: RFC1597

I don't believe that returning network 44 or any bits of it would be a
good idea.  We already occupy almost half a class-B network in hosts
alone, and with subnetting and tunnelling for connectivity, we're really
better off using up a single class-A network.

I have occasionally heard the suggestion that we should have instead
gotten a number of Class-B or Class-C networks.  I think that is a
short-sighted view, as it trades the possibility of an independent
radio-based IP network for immediate connectivity over commercial
internet providers.

Yet there is nothing to stop any ham community from applying for its own
class-C network, arranging connectivity, and dropping off the AMPRNet.

I think Hank made the right decision at the right time, and we now have
something to work with that we could NOT get now, no matter how well it
would serve our purposes.  I think we should hang on to it.

As for legal restrictions on who can send what where over radio, perhaps
it's time to start working on getting those regulations changed.  It has
been done in the USA, although not enough in my opinion.  I wonder if it
can be achieved elsewhere?  I would hope so.
	- Brian

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