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Re: ipv6

> From: Jeff King <wb8wka@wb8wka.ampr.org>
> Anyone know where one can get the spec for 'ipv6' that I've seen mentioned
> here over the last few days? Thanks ahead of time.

There are directories out there called internet-drafts.  Try

You need to find the files that say *-ipv6-* in their name.

I was part of the Simple IP design team that was chosen (from 4
contenders) in the competition.  Unfortunately, the committee decided
to tinker with our design, which had 24 byte IP headers instead of the
current 20.

The problem with IPv6 is that they quadrupled the size of the addresses,
thereby destroying the thoughput for the usual typed traffic over our
slow links.

The committee that made this decision was made up of high speed vendors
and big users such as Boeing, who think the entire world is going to be
using 155 Mbps real soon now.

My recommendation for hams would be to stay with IPv4, or change to SIP
rather than IPv6.


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