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Re: ipv6

>The problem with IPv6 is that they quadrupled the size of the addresses,
>thereby destroying the thoughput for the usual typed traffic over our
>slow links.
>The committee that made this decision was made up of high speed vendors
>and big users such as Boeing, who think the entire world is going to be
>using 155 Mbps real soon now.
>My recommendation for hams would be to stay with IPv4, or change to SIP
>rather than IPv6.

Folks, I'd like to suggest that unless we get on with it, we're going to
have 1200 baud links well into the 21st century!

I say: let us get on with IPv6 now, and, simultaneously, get our physical
layers fixed.  56k should be the _bare minimum_ for any new IP station these

-Mike K3MC

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