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Re: Should we share?

> (*) introduce a routing protocol which lets ham endpoints manage
>     gateways.
Sounds like the old digipeating way of doing things.  I might of got it
wrong here but the end users tell the gateways what to do?  What happens
if they don't know?

> Hams are responsible people -- leverage off of that.  Open the
> management of the gateways to the people who are using them.  Expect
heh, take a visit around Sydney, or vk2.  While you have a few people that
know what they're doing, you have a lot of people that have no idea.
We have people that think as a bulletin takes the long way to get to their
BBS that there's a conspiracy, rather than saying it's because BBS'es have
a real bad system of forwarding.

No way, I wouldn't let a lot of the users of gateways anywhere near them,
they have enough trouble understanding tnc parameters.

  - Craig vk2xlz
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