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Re: Using DNS for .ampr.org addresses

jmorriso@bogomips.ee.ubc.ca (John Paul Morrison) wrote -

[lots of good stuff about how the domain address is not to be used for routing]

Consider also that the UUCP smarthost to which you send your (probably) 
Internet-destined mail inevitably also makes some local decisions about how, 
where and when to forward mail - as do most internet mail hosts. Your 
smarthost will have its own smarthost, and so on ad infinitum.

So having a local decision at ve7foobar.ampr.org which uses a local lookup 
table of TNC-reachable hosts before default-routing to the smarthost is not 
at all inconsistent with what goes on Internet-wide.

Peter G4MJS
Peter Bowyer G4MJS

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