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OK, I can't seem to get any version of KA9Q to do what I need: a simple
FTP server that does nothing but provide FTP access to one directory on
a Novell network. No telnet, no BBS, no finger, no packet, no nothing but
FTP over a packet driver. No matter whay I try, I get "550 Permission
denied" once I sign on successfully. I have FTPUSERS set up correctly, as
far as I can tell, and net is finding it, because I can sign on using
IDs defined there and get rejected if I use an ID not defined there.

Is there another program out there that will do what I need? I have a DOS
system with 4 meg of RAM, and a 60 meg hard disk, and a monochrome monitor
on which to do this.

My boss is about to strangle me over this one; I told him it would be no
problem, based on my prior experience with KA9Q in the packet arena. I
can't get it to work now, and nobody on this list has been able to help...

...Jay, K5ZC

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