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TNOS release 1.12 available....

COME AND GET IT!!!!       [deleting FTP log file to prepare room]

YES, release 1.12 is available on lantz.com. I will TRY to get 1.12 onto
FTP.UCSD.EDU later in the week.

The docs and base support files haven't changed.

All four MSDOS executable zips are updated. The most of the new 1.12
features are compiled in, but be aware, the LZW support is NOT compiled
in the 1.12 official MSDOS exes.

BUT, the ethernet packet driver support IS in the EX1 and EX3 MSDOS exes.

There is a file called "new2tn1.12" which contains the changes to 1.12,
the Known Bug List, and the To-Do List.

TNOS release 1.12 is MAINLY a clean-up and bug-fix of 1.11, with MANY
non-trivial additions.

The DOS executables have NOT gotten as firm a shakedown as usual...

ALSO: The WWW pages on lantz.com now have a point-and-click way to join one of
the mailing lists maintained by lantz.com. Select 'mailing lists' from the main
page and follow the 'listserv@lantz.com' link in the subscribe/unsubscribe
sections, or go directly to it with:



P.S. It's even early for my 4/1/95 target date ;-)

Brian A. Lantz                              brian@lantz.com

REAL PORTION of Microsoft Windows code:
        while (memory_available)        {
                eat_major_portion_of_memory (no_real_reason);
                if (feel_like_it)
                        make_user_THINK (this_is_an_OS);

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