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Jay Maynard wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 JM> OK, I can't seem to get any version of KA9Q to do what I
 JM> need: a simple FTP server that does nothing but provide FTP
 JM> access to one directory on a Novell network. No telnet, no
 JM> BBS, no finger, no packet, no nothing but FTP over a packet
 JM> driver. No matter whay I try, I get "550 Permission denied"
 JM> once I sign on successfully. I have FTPUSERS set up
 JM> correctly, as far as I can tell, and net is finding it,
 JM> because I can sign on using IDs defined there and get
 JM> rejected if I use an ID not defined there.

NOS uses the Borland library function access() to check things in the file
system, and this function is broken for network directories, root directories,
and some other special cases.

You might try a few things.  First, don't use Novell's MAP ROOT command, but do
a regular MAP command; this way, NOS will not be trying to give the user access
to the root of the MAPped drive.  After that, you may need to try hacking the
NOS source a little bit to get the permissions right, replacing access() with
stat() or whatever else is needed to make this work.

 JM> Is there another program out there that will do what I need?
 JM> I have a DOS system with 4 meg of RAM, and a 60 meg hard
 JM> disk, and a monochrome monitor on which to do this.

There are some products available that run as NLMs on the server to provide FTP
access.  I know Murkworks has some, but I have never used them.

 JM> My boss is about to strangle me over this one; I told him it
 JM> would be no problem, based on my prior experience with KA9Q
 JM> in the packet arena. I can't get it to work now, and nobody
 JM> on this list has been able to help...

One very solid, commercial solution would be to use an OS/2 workstation with
the NetWare Requester for OS/2 and TCP/IP for OS/2 installed.  For that matter,
you could probably run NOS instead of TCP/IP for OS/2.

-- Mike

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