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Got it going...

Thanks to Phil Karn and Barry Siegfried, I got it running.

The problem wasn't in the construction or placement of the FTPUSERS
file, nor in the Novell mapping. It turns out that vanilla KA9Q NOS
disallows a : in the fully-qualified path of the filename to be
retrieved or the directory to be listed. Phil told me about that one.
He also suggested that some of the other NOS variants didn't have
that restriction.

Barry told me about his version, MFNOS, a cleaned-up variant of JNOS.
What caught my eye was his comment that it would be possible to
build an executable with just the FTP server compiled in, and that
he had done so with good results.

I grabbed the MFNOS source, unzipped it, ripped out almost all of the
#defines for clients and servers, and compiled it up. Voila! Problem

Thanks to everyone for trying...it's working now.

...Jay, K5ZC

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