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Re: XMS chatter

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Mike Bilow wrote:

> Klarsen wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
>  K>   I want to help hams try nos. To do this I have decided to
>  K> take  software to the home of another ham and load it for
>  K> them. This I learned  is what worked in Seattle. In 2 weeks
>  K> I have 2 new nos stations on the  air. They have the latest
>  K> help files loaded and are both beginning to  experiment. So
>  K> far I have not encountered another operating system. I was
>  K> sure someone must be running OS/2 Warp! So far just DOS.
> Ultimately, you end up concluding that the only real solution is to move NOS t
> a protected mode platform such as Unix or OS/2.  I have personally contributed
> a lot of DOS-specific code to NOS, such as the DFAR kludge that allows linking
> an executable that is actually too large to fit in memory.  Nevertheless, I
> think the end is near for active development of NOS for DOS.
> -- Mike
        Mike, I am aware of your help to the nos development and it is
now a fact that Tnos and Jnos are working just fine today under DOS. So
it well may be time to stop changing/improving nos for DOS.

        I am running Jnos 1.10i, the F6FBB packet BBS and a Fidonet
telephone bbs under Windows for workgroups and this system has not
crashed for weeks! Jnos runs so long it's no longer fun! This Jnos slip
connection tothe internet works fine too. So What? Me Worry?

        If 1.10i is the last version of nos for DOS written, it will be fine.

73, de karl k5di

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