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Re: NOS for DJGPP...

   Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 06:13:00 -0000
   From: mikebw@bilow.bilow.uu.ids.net (Mike Bilow)

   There will also be serious side effects as a result of running NOS under a DP
   DOS extender, and some of these are of major importance.  For example, most
   Clarkson Packet drivers will no longer operate with NOS.

What's a Clarkson Packet Driver?

   It is possible to rewrite a packet driver to work under a DOS
   extender, just as it is possible to rewrite a packet driver to work
   under Windows.

DJGPP has packet driver support already built into its DOS extender.
The Crynwr packet drivers work just fine with DJGPP.

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